Upgrading and Improving Your Front Door Hardware

front door hardware

Front door hardware makes a big difference, not just for your curb appeal, but for how welcoming your home is.

Front door hardware makes a big difference, not just for your curb appeal, but for how welcoming your home is. For this installment of the blog, we would like to focus on tips for upgrading and improving your front door hardware. Best of all, you can achieve this renewal in four easy steps. Please read on to learn more!

Step One: Assess Your Current Front Door Hardware

When you start the process of upgrading your front door hardware, you’ll want to inspect your current door. In particular, you’ll also want to focus on certain components of the door. Pick out a new door entry set from your local hardware store. Even you don’t have one yet, you should have one in mind. You want a lock-and-handle set that fits with the drill-outs already present on your door.

Consider these lock types: tubular or mortise. Tubular locks install in two holes and are generally easier to install, more affordable, and more readily available. Mortise locks, on the other hand, will need the expertise of a professional locksmith to set up.

Door swing and hole placement are also critical elements to think about; for instance, which way does the door swing? You’ll also need to remove the interior hardware to get to the holes in the door.

Step Two: Remove Current Entry Set

Next, remove your current entry set. Remove the mounting screws that hold the interior hardware in place with the exterior components of the entry set. Deadbolts, latch bolts, and the door jamb will need to be removed by unscrewing as well.

Step Three: Install the New Handle

It’s time to put on the new handle! Once the new deadbolt and latch bolt are ready, place the new handle over the door’s existing drill-out holes. They should all slide together easily.

Step Four: Ensure Interior Workings Are Secure

The final step is ensuring that the new interior workings and hardware are all secured. A projecting cylinder post should be what holds the new lock in place. Mount the lock on and add the mounting screws. Use mounting screws to secure the base of the handle as well. Drilling some new holes, and adding some decorative flair in the form of new knockers and kickplates will complete the process. Enjoy your new front door hardware!

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