A Guide to Incorporating Wood Into Your Home

incorporating wood

Incorporating wood into your home can be an excellent design choice.

Incorporating wood into your home can be an excellent design choice. But once you’ve settled on choosing wood, there are a number of other questions that arise. Foremost among these questions are “how do I add wood in interesting ways?” This time, we’ll go over four ways you can surprise and delight family members, relatives, and visitors by incorporating wood into your home.

Doors Present a Solid Way to Start Incorporating Wood

Doors present a solid way to begin adding wood to your home’s design. Most residential doors are made of wood, but can still be stylish and eye-catching. When first welcoming people into your home, the door is one of the first things they will see. Interior barn doors are a trendy option, where the doors slide on rails instead of opening out. Choose French doors to let more light in, or go with wooden barn doors to increase your home’s overall value and curb appeal.

Consider Incorporating Wood into Your Mantel

The mantel is another area you could consider incorporating wood. Putting in a wooden mantelpiece over your fireplace is also one of the easiest ways to integrate more wooden surfaces to your home in unexpected ways. Complement the wood brick, or choose stone. Either way, the contrast can make your fireplace a cozier spot on which to relax and unwind.

Wooden Furniture Makes An Elegant Touch

The best thing about wooden furniture is that you can use it with almost any decorative style you wish. Different styles such as mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and even traditional could call for wildly disparate design choices. But one commonality they all share is being able to complement any wooden furniture you may want to include.

Wood Trim is Another Way to Go

Wood trim is another good way to go when you’re thinking about how to incorporate wood into your home. Not only will it give your home a refined aesthetic, you can also use the trim to draw attention to other architectural flourishes your home may have. Although interior trim is typically used to accent doors and windows, wooden ceiling beams also count. Exterior trim not only helps improve your house’s curb appeal, but it can provide energy-saving benefits as well.

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