What are the Advantages of Building Commissioning?

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Did you know that Mahogany, Inc. specializes in building commissioning?

Did you know that Mahogany, Inc. specializes in building commissioning? It involves confirming that new construction is up to par regarding the building owner’s, building’s architect’s, and engineers’ wishes. In particular, we ensure that mechanical, electrical, controls, plumbing, and the building’s safety is as they should be. Our company has worked on the Intercounty Connector Bethesda, Sagamore Recreation Pier Hotel, and Prince George’s Medical Center. One of the significant ways you can avoid setting your building up for failure is by using building commissioning. Read on to learn the advantages of building commissioning!

Reduce Your Energy and Operational Costs

It can be expensive when your building consumes a lot of energy. It’s the highest operating expense for business owners. Any wise building owner will be seeking energy efficiency opportunities wherever possible. In addition, commissioning is affordable and will ensure that your building is energy-efficient. Assessing your property is one of the best ways to save money.

Increases Work Productivity

We understand construction projects consist of coordination. Many individuals collaborate together to ensure your building has an efficient design. Although construction, design, and operation inherently have various functions, commissioning can connect them. Building commissioning must not be an afterthought if you want a smooth project process. It must be an initial thought. For instance, if you desire an eco-friendly building. You don’t want to discover during construction that it’s not. Ultimately, making sudden design changes can be overwhelming and costly.

Fewer Shortcomings

During the commissioning process, constant tests occur at intervals or mid-process. Fortunately, there will be fewer shortcomings once the construction is complete. It’s always ideal for testing systems mid-process instead of repairing problems later that your team can avoid. Also, building reparations and equipment replacements are costly and disruptive. When you are building commissioning, their frequency is reduced significantly.

Documentation is Necessary

Since commissioning requires documentation, it displays a clear snapshot of operating conditions. This benefits the building owner and operations staff. In addition, performance test records proving the building’s functionality might help in the future. Documentation is also necessary if there are any debates over a warranty between the building’s owner and equipment manufacturers. Overall, documentation will reduce disputes between all parties in the design and construction process.

Additionally, training sessions, manuals, and more important records are included in commissioning documentation. Moreover, you’ll be able to effectively program maintenance and closely watch problem areas. Troubleshooting also becomes simpler.

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