3 Trends in Learning Space Design


Learn how the design of a school or classroom can benefit students

With educational techniques trending toward a much more student-centric methodology, learning space design is following the same path. Acknowledging that the ways in which students are learning is drastically different from the way their parents learned is crucial in creating a positive educational atmosphere. That’s where your Baltimore contractor comes in. Starting from the construction of the space, learning space design can play an important role in students’ success. Here are changes and trends that experts have begun to notice.

1. Active and Social Learning

Over the past couple decades, research has shown that old methods of “broadcast” teaching — information being sent from “sender” (teacher) to “receivers” (students) — has become obsolete and ineffective. Instead, experts agree that learning can be enhanced with a learning space design that promotes interactivity and social engagement. Your Baltimore contractor can help design a space that will accomplish this.

2. Human Centered Design

With all of the significant changes that are being shown in education, a shift is being made insofar as the people who are designing the space. It has now become important for the students and teachers to contribute ideas as to how the space should look and function — and the contractors hold the role of making ideas into reality. Now focusing on the users of the space, the process becomes a human-centered one. This in turn emphasizes learning as the driving factor, rather than resources.

3. Device Integration

The technological boom of the past couple decades has not at all been excluded from the classroom. Building a space that is able to incorporate new technologies, both for teachers and students, is crucial to maintaining a relevant learning space design. Technologies that were previously relegated to specific rooms in schools are now being mobilized and/or installed in every classroom, and good design should reflect these changes.


With good design, an entire building, or even an entire campus, can become a learning space. These three trends are key to optimizing the ways students learn in the 21st century, and will likely continue to remain relevant for quite some time.


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