What is Distinctive Between Crown Molding and Baseboard?

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The distinction between both materials is that the baseboard is designed to be flat, while crown molding is usually angled.

Although crown molding and baseboard serve a similar purpose, they differ in other ways. Crown molding is a decorative product applied to the top of walls and columns. Whereas the baseboard is also a decorative item, it is applied at the bottom of a wall. The baseboard aims to hide the joint where the wall connects to the floor. Read on for more differences between both ornamental elements.

What is the Main Difference Between Both?

The distinction between both materials is that the baseboard is designed to be flat, while crown molding is usually angled. Several homeowners often want certain rooms to have a sophisticated appearance by matching both. In addition, baseboard is often found in homes because of its aesthetic and functional purpose. It’s also effortless for homeowners to install it since it doesn’t have angling. Plus, baseboard provides your house a firm joint between the floor and wall because no wall is fully straight.

Can Crown Molding Be Used as Baseboard?

Furthermore, it’s possible to use crown molding as baseboard, but it wouldn’t look pleasing. Since crown molding is slanted, it would connect to the floor at an angle. Other reasons to avoid this technique: 

  • Most moldings are created from dense foam so they would get bent on the floor
  • Crown molding is not made for this application
  • Pets, children, and adults can step on the molding and break it since it is not flushed to the wall

Can Baseboard Be Used as Crown Molding?

Moreover, while it can look pleasing in some applications, it’s better to use baseboard for its original purpose on the floor. A flat baseboard does not provide the room the appearance that angled molding does. In addition, crown molding often covers flaws in the ceiling, particularly in old homes where the walls have shifted. In contrast, baseboard won’t disguise these flaws, and flat baseboard can break when applied close to the ceiling.


Overall, crown molding and baseboard have their setting in home design. They provide a pleasant look when used for their designed purposes instead of applying them somewhere they were not made for. Plus, when both decorative items are used together, they can improve the appearance of a room and enhance its entire profile.

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