Got a Squeaky Wooden Door on Your Commercial Property? We Can Help!

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Squeakiness on a wooden door is one of the most common door issues.

You may have a commercial property with some minor wooden door issues that have worsened over the years. You know what the sources are: the door squeaks or rattles, the trim has a gap, the door hinges are loose, etc. Let’s discuss these common problems and how you can fix some of them while other issues will require some assistance from our company.

The Most Common Door Issue Squeaks

This is one of the most frequent wooden door problems and the easiest to fix. The squeakiness of a door will require some oil on the hinges. Any type of oil will work. You can complete this issue in two various ways. Close the door and gradually eliminate the pins from the hinges one at a time, wipe them down, apply the oil on them, and put the pins back to where they belong. You can also tap the pins and apply the oil to the raised pin.   

Wooden Door Warping

Moreover, a warped door is typically produced by moisture. Your wooden door might have been built in a warehouse located in a drier area and shipped to your commercial property where the moisture level is high. The moisture will build up in the wood after a while and cause it to warp. The opposite is accurate, and your door will slowly shrink after many years. Call us if this happens! We can help restore old woodwork. There isn’t an ideal solution for a door that warps or shrinks as it ages and withstands many seasons.

Mis-Aligned Bottom Wall Plates

Lastly, there are ways to fix a door not adequately fitting tightly to the door stop. If the wooden door sticks out beyond the jamb at the top, you’ll need to push the opposite bottom side in the exact direction as the piece sticks out. You can slightly hammer the door in the correct direction by using a piece of wood. However, this method doesn’t usually work. Perhaps your wooden door was never installed plumb when the property was constructed.  

You probably think doors are effortless. There are various pieces to an entryway besides being a part of the wood latches. At Mahogany, Inc., we can restore your door or make a new wooden door to fit your current door frame to end this issue.

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