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  • Benefits of Wooden Windows

    Wooden windows are a timeless choice, and they have been used in historic homes and new constructions alike for centuries. While man-made windows are a popular choice, natural wooden windows have a lot to offer. If you are deciding on… Read More

  • Benefits of Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors are a traditional choice for homeowners looking to beautify their homes and add value through their flooring choices. If you are considering your many flooring options for your home, here are some of the many benefits of hardwood… Read More

  • The Environmental Benefits of Building with Wood

    Many of us are already aware of some of the many benefits of using wood. It is used to make strong, efficient, and durable houses. Wood is an attractive and comfortable material from which we make beautiful furniture and flooring…. Read More

  • A Brief History of Crown Molding

    Many people love the sophistication and overall finished look that crown molding adds to a space. It’s often used to enhance the design of a room, especially on ceilings, over doorways, the base of door frames, and around windows. As… Read More

  • 3 Uses for Mahogany Wood

    Mahogany wood is one of the most outstanding materials for the manufacturing of fine furniture. It is valued by manufacturers and customers because it is durable and anyone can be carve the material into intricate details. It has a deep,… Read More