4 Industry Applications for Casework in Baltimore

Virtually any industry can benefit from quality, customized casework. Its endless applications and unique ability to be designed to suit the needs of specific organizations makes casework an important element of many interior commercial designs. Learn more about how you can use casework in your industry to make your office or organization more organized, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.


Custom casework is for more than just labs.

4 Industry Applications for Casework in Baltimore

Healthcare casework

Casework has extensive possibilities for healthcare applications. Whether you need storage solutions for patient care environments, imaging centers, nursing stations, or waiting rooms, healthcare casework can provide the perfect solution for your specific needs. Healthcare casework can be outfitted with locking mechanisms which is perfect for pharmaceutical environments to ensure that sensitive medications aren’t at risk of getting stolen.

Education casework

Casework has many possible applications for educational settings. At Mahogany, Inc., we have installed many casework solutions for educational settings. Education casework is perfect for science labs as well as any classroom that needs to be outfitted with a customized solution for its storage needs. Whether you are managing the interior design of an elementary school or a university, customized education casework can meet your needs.

Laboratory casework

Science laboratories and other testing environments are one of the most common applications for casework. In these settings, casework can be outfitted with locks to ensure that sensitive materials and substances are effectively managed and monitored. Casework is also easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for any environment that requires a high level of sterility. Laboratory casework can also easily be built with clear doors, allowing easy identification of contents.

Government casework

Government offices can also benefit from the customized solutions offered by casework, particularly in the public healthcare realm. For behavioral health clinics, casework can be bolted into the wall or the floor, allowing enhanced stability to ensure security. Other types of government entities can also benefit from the customized storage solutions that casework offers.


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