What Are Some Common Door Problems?

common door problems

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what some common door problems are.

Doors are vital elements of your home and your business. No dwelling or any other type of building is complete without some sort of door, wooden or otherwise. Unfortunately, problems with doors are all too commonplace. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what some common door problems are. How can you resolve them? Start by reading on!

When Common Door Problems Are Solved, You Benefit

Squeaking Doors: The sound of a door squeaking can be both annoying and unsettling. However, squeaking doors are the most basic of the common door problems. Subsequently, they are also the easiest to remedy. Once you oil the hinges of the door, the squeaking noise should stop. How can you oil the hinges? You could close the door and try to pull the pins out of the hinges. Then, you should wipe them down with an oiled cloth or just apply the oil and wipe down. Then put the pins back into place. Another method is to pull up the pins and put the oil onto the exposed pin.

Warped Doors: Warped doors occur less frequently than their squeaky counterparts.  Why do doors warp? Moisture is the usual suspect. Moisture and wood do not mix well, like oil and water or orange juice and toothpaste. Doors can both warp and shrink, especially wooden ones. Old wooden doors that warp or shrink will need replacement.

Poorly Aligned Wall Plates: The least well-known common door problem involves poorly aligned wall plates. Have you ever heard the term “out of plane”? This simply means that the door no longer fits snugly within its door stop. Ways to fix this situation will depend on how the door is out of alignment.  If for instance, the door is out of alignment at the top, you will need to put it back into place. To do this, push the bottom of the door in the same direction as the part of the door you can see protruding.

Then, with a piece of wood and a hammer, you can knock the door back into alignment Sometimes, though, even this method won’t work. This is because it’s always possible your door was never installed correctly, or “plum”, to begin with.

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