Are There Hidden Areas to Incorporate Custom Millwork?

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Many homeowners never realize the hidden areas where custom millwork can be added.

In previous weeks, we looked at some of the most popular areas where you can add custom millwork throughout your home. Installing such distinctive woodwork is a sure-fire way to instantly add a genuine touch of timelessness and elegance to any setting, but if you’re not necessarily looking for a major overhaul of your home’s layout and design motif, what are options for smaller-scale custom millwork options? Well, the plain answer is that those options are many! Here, let’s look at just a few of the creative and fun ways to add some classy millwork that won’t require as much pre-planning, or budget.

Doorways Throughout Your Home

There are three major sections within your home where custom millwork can be integrated, no matter the general motif of your house or its design. The first — and most popular — is that of the numerous doorways throughout your structure. This is, perhaps, the best option, since you don’t need to tackle the entire house in one shot — or at all! One at a time, you can customize doorframes one room at a time, targeting the areas where you tend to have the largest concentration of visitors. The home’s entryway, kitchen, mudroom, and living areas are basic starting points — and you can design the custom millwork to match any existing motif and colors.

Elegance Is Just Around the Corner

While your home’s doorways are an ideal starting point for a few custom millwork additions here and there, you can step up your ambition and creativity in increments by considering the many corners around your home. This project would be slightly larger in scope, but matches perfectly with any doorframes that you’ve revamped. Again, the major bonus with tackling the corners next, is that your home will look beautiful even as the project is ongoing — and conducting custom millwork additions one at a time in phases won’t crunch your wallet.

Don’t Forget Your Windows

Considering custom millwork additions for your home’s many windows is an optional add-on that pairs perfectly with any designs you alter with your doorframes. Because the sheer size and dimensions of your windows are smaller than those of the doors, you’ll find that this option is the most affordable — however, this also depends upon the number of windows you have within your home. Either way, when combined (and over time), all three of these projects will slowly create the rustic and timeless feel within your home that only custom millwork can provide.

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