Signs That Your Commercial Property Needs More Than a Renovation

Commercial property renovation Mahogany, Inc.

If your commercial property has a lot of mold damage, then it may indeed be a time for a new building

If you own a commercial property, then congratulations! Ownership of any form, whether it be home ownership, or owning a business is a significant accomplishment. Safety, attracting customers, and bringing in revenue is among the top reasons to keep a commercial property in its best shape. Sometimes, a few renovations are enough. However, there are cases where a few upgrades aren’t enough. Here are some of the tops signs that you most likely need a completely new commercial property. 

Your Commercial Property Has a Faulty Foundation

If you notice cracks of buckling in the foundation or the structural supports in your walls and ceilings aren’t firm, give us a call. Other severe problems also include extensive moisture and mold damage. If you only see issues in one particular part of the building, then a renovation will suffice. However, if these issues are affecting your entire commercial property, you may want to start anew. Because we are an expert general contracting company, we can assess and inspect any damage. We also specialize in commissioning. Whether your property is new or old, we can look into all or some of its subsets such as: 

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  •  Controls
  • Building security

Your Commercial Property Goes Against Compliance Codes

We’re now living in a world where safety means ‘more than ever before. If your building goes against any restrictions, we can make sure your commercial property is up to par and in compliance. If there is extensive work that needs to happen to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we can help with that. For a while, we’ve discussed the importance of hospital design and ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

If Repairs and Renovations Cost More Than New Building Construction 

We have experience in historic wood restoration. Many times, it takes a few upgrades to keep a historic building in fantastic shape. However, sometimes there are cases where a building is so outdated and dilapidated that the repairs aren’t worth it. We can help you assess if the age of your commercial property is a safety hazard, will break the bank, or both. You may find that a fresh start is helpful and just what you need. 

If You Need More Space

Space and social distancing mean a lot in 2020. Commercial properties should have enough room for people to spread out. If there is no way to spread occupants out or find creative ways to expand the space that you already have, you may need a new, expansive building that we’d be more than happy to work on for you. 

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