Determining the Ideal Commercial Front Door for Your Business

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You must choose the right commercial front door for the entrances and interior rooms when designing the building.

For commercial properties, doors create the first impression that people have of your business since it’s the first thing they touch as they enter the building. This is why you must choose the right commercial front door for the entrances and interior rooms when designing the building. You also need a strong entry to offer protection while maintaining its aesthetic values. So, is your commercial property fitted with the right doors?

Commercial Doors Are Made from Various Materials

How often will your commercial door be used? Consider choosing a material for your commercial front door that is affordable and has low maintenance. You should also opt for doors that are built to last. These are doors that resist cracking, bowing, and rust. They also withstand heavy traffic and weather elements. Most importantly, the repair or replacement should be easy and require less time. 

On the other hand, you may use fiberglass material since it saves costs on repair and replacement over the long run. Even though fiberglass is expensive, it’s durable and requires little maintenance. At Mahogany, Inc., we can assist you in selecting a door that isn’t prone to quick wear and tear.

Your Type of Establishment

Your kind of establishment will also determine your type of commercial front door. The office might require something decorative, like custom architectural millwork. Or a warehouse will need a firm door and a sturdy loading dock. You must also consider installation factors. What is the door installation’s time frame? Can you still utilize your entry during installation? Will the doorway be sufficiently big to accommodate your installation?

Safety & Security

Commercial properties need fire-resistant doors. This doesn’t necessarily signify the doors must be steel because even wooden doors can be fire-rated. Thus, you must think of a commercial front door that is solid and meant for fire resistance. Mahogany, Inc. is happy to provide different product choices to fit nearly any budget. Call us today at 410-727-0334 or fill out this contact form.

Aesthetic Considerations

Your commercial doors will affect the impression people have of your business. In particular, exterior doors will impact your property’s curb appeal. Besides choosing functional doors, you should also consider the looks of the doors. In addition, some doors are more attractive than others, so consider the appearance of the different doors when choosing yours.

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