Selecting a New Front Door for Your Company Building

mahogany, inc. Selecting a New Front Door for Your Company Building

Check out the following tips on selecting a new front door for your company building.

A front door is more than just entry access. It’s a crucial element on the front of your business that impacts the overall appearance. You should utilize your front door to create a statement and welcome people. You also want a durable and firm front door that secures everybody within the building. Check out the following tips on selecting a new front door for your company building.

Identify the Material You Need or Want

The most prevalent door materials are fiberglass, steel, and wood. They can protect your business effectively, but each has unique advantages. For example, fiberglass composite is a material that resembles natural wood’s appearance. There are also several versions that include wood components close to the edges and around the lockset for reinforcement.

Moreover, it’s an excellent alternative to real wood because of the way actual wood reacts to environmental changes such as sun exposure and moisture. You’ll notice aging wood doors begin to crack and warp, compromising their integrity and strength. Metal is also another choice for its modern look and extra security. Additionally, both fiberglass and metal have lower maintenance costs.

Different Front Door Styles

Fiberglass entry doors are also available in various style choices than steel. If you’re searching for a front door to complement your building’s particular architectural style or if you desire a front door with glass, then fiberglass is the choice to go. On the other hand, steel is sturdy and available in a few solid styles in a flush option or with raised panels.

Inspect for Damage

Sometimes selecting a new front door for your company building just signifies trading the existing one for a new one. However, you’ll have to replace the whole aging door framing. In addition, rotten framing over the years or bowing wall studs can make your front door harder to close. Before your new door arrives, inspect the structure for any damages that can impact your new door. Furthermore, pre-hung doors hanging on hinges are excellent for older frames or removable frames.

Additional Shopping Tips

When selecting a new front door for your company building, ensure the same manufacturer builds all components. Analyze the weather-stripping seals and search for steel and fiberglass doors with a thermal break. This feature separates the outside from the inside door skins.

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