Tips for Developing a Community-Focused Stadium

mahogany, inc. developing a community-focused stadium

Mahogany, Inc. is a locally-owned company that can help on developing a community-focused stadium.

Most stadiums across North America may vary in seating capacity or the retractability of their roofs, but they follow the same formula. It’s a significant complex with tons of parking, and this type of design doesn’t say “community.” Therefore, there is a disconnect. Fortunately, Mahogany, Inc. is a locally-owned company that can help on developing a community-focused stadium. Read on to learn more!

Think Long-Term

If you want a valuable sports venue, you should understand that your facility is part of a larger public plan. For instance, you should ensure your site is near a public transportation line if you develop a sports venue to give back to the youth in urban communities. In addition, you would need to collaborate with a general contractor to help you on developing a community-focused stadium if your goal is to push a green initiative. At Mahogany, Inc., we specialize in general contracting. Contact us today at 410-727-0334!

Consider the Community

When developing a community-focused stadium, it should be a place where several sports activities take place all year round. Also, it must be a spot where community meetings can be used as a community resource. For example, civilians must be able to use this space to play baseball, an ice skating rink, and more. Or you can use the stadium to house fundraising events and a place where keynote speakers can speak. Overall, this venue can be a resource where community members can get together to voice their opinions about civic concerns.

Create with Significant and Small Events in Mind

Of course, you want to create a sports venue that can house a basketball tournament. Additionally, any sports complex should be able to hold massive crowds. However, you should design the space in a retractable way when you conduct smaller sports or community events. The tricky part is that the area must not just have the capability to fill more seats. Ultimately, you need to have signage, paths, and volume to place a massive crowd.

Mahogany takes pride on giving back to the community. Call us at 410-727-0334 or email if you want to create a stadium that focuses on community.

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