How to Ensure That Your Building in Energy-Efficient

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Mahogany, Inc. can ensure that your building is energy-efficient as a part of our commissioning process. Our experienced general contractors examine newer building construction, but they work on making sure that older buildings are up-to-par and up-to-code as well. Since 2012, our commissioning services have been in effect. Some of the buildings that we provided services to in the past include Prince George’s Medical Center, the Sagamore Recreation Pier Hotel, and Intercounty Connector Bethesda. Are you unsure if your building is energy-efficient? If so, you can hire our skilled team to ensure that your building is in the best condition. In the meantime, here a few tricks to ensure that you own an energy-efficient building. 

Make Sure That Your Building is Insulated

Have you ever owned an insulated lunch box or thermal mug? These products are excellent because they keep food and beverages cold and warm. When you insulate a building and keep it airtight, the same process happens. You also ensure energy-efficiency when the outside of your building is designed to allow you to lower heating and cooling needs. In a newer building, you can achieve this by using high-performance insulation and non-traditional wall systems that provide insulation. If your building is older, you want to consider replacing the windows and doors if you notice any drafts or air leaks. 

Pick the Proper Ventilation System

Because your building will be airtight, it should have excellent air quality and no moisture buildup. Heat recovery ventilators exist. These ventilators are so beneficial is because they transfer heat or coolness from stale exhaust air to fresh intake air. As a result, the ventilator removes excess moisture, odors, or any containments while conserving energy and making a building more comfortable. 

Buy Equipment with an ENERGY STAR Rating

If you see an appliance with an ENERGY STAR label, it passes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strict energy-efficient guidelines. You will conserve energy with these appliances and lower your energy bills. We also recommend that you use LED lights in your building where applicable. Did you know that upgrading to LED lights can reduce your energy consumption by 75%? 

Consider Upgrading Your Building to a LEED Building

LEED is an acronym meaning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Contractors can design a building or retrofit a structure to this green standard. This effort aims to improve buildings’ sustainability in areas such as water efficiency, energy use, site planning, and more. Are you interested in our building commissioning services? Reach out to us today to ensure that your building isn’t wasting energy. 


If you have more questions about building commissioning, or general contracting in general, Mahogany Inc. has your back. We specialize in new building systems, hospital renovations, and pre-existing building energy efforts.  Call us at 410-727-0334 with any questions and speak to one of our licensed professionals. To see examples of our work or to gain inspiration for your next project, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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