Wood is an Excellent, Energy-Efficient Choice for the Environment

Wood Construction Mahogany. Inc.

Having us install wood in your building is one of the many ways that you can line up with a green initiative.

Wood is an excellent, energy-efficient choice for the environment. If you desire to make your business greener, wood is indeed a solid choice as far as architecture and construction. We have recently discussed how to make your building more energy-efficient, and wood construction is another way to do so. This building material is sustainable, renewable, and helps to keep carbon out of an environment. Here are more details about why wood is a useful building material. 

We Can Revitalize Wood

Unlike man-made materials, wood is reusable. If you own a historic building, this is fantastic news! Some of our renovations include Orchard Street Church, The Mount, and Baltimore City College. We received the Historic Preservation Award from Baltimore Heritage, Inc. for The Orchard Street Church project. If your older wood building has seen better days, you’ll be happy to know that we can upgrade its interior and exterior to stay functional. Wood is excellent for the environment because it’s renewable and recyclable. You can use this element over and over again. What’s even better is that it’s possible to bring this material back to life. 

Wooden Elements Are Beautiful

We’re proud to call ourselves “Mahogany, Inc..” Mahogany is a vibrant, red, and exotic wood that’s undeniably beautiful. This natural material comes in so many colors, and it’s a flexible material with many applications and can serve many industries. From architectural millwork to interior fit-outs, to lab casework and all, our contractors have the expertise to add beautiful woodwork to your business. First impressions mean everything, and there is something both calming and highly-decorative about wooden elements. Wood has a classic charming that will never fade. 

Natural Elements, Including Wood Release Stress

This material is excellent for the environment and visually appealing, but it can also bring less stress. How? You may wonder. Natural elements bring peace to an atmosphere and have a calming effect. Thus, it’s not uncommon to see indoor plants placed on top of wooden coffee tables or desks. The more natural elements, the better. Natural elements enhance an entire environment.

Mahogany, Inc. and Leed-Certified Projects

Do you want to ensure that your building has a green initiative in place? Then, you’ll be happy to know that our skilled contractors have worked on several LEED-Certified projects. At UMBC, we performed the Wood Panel Layout, Fabrication, and Installation. A greener building shows that you care about the environment. Going green is good for business. 


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