The Biggest Mistakes in Historic Wood Restoration

Wood can tell a story. Whether it’s decorative millwork or hardwood floors, wood is bound to endure some damage as the years go on. Proper maintenance and care can extend its lifespan, but—sooner or later—it’s going to need some professional attention. When dealing with historic wood, we take pride in preserving the legacy of its story. Here are some mistakes in historic wood restoration that Mahogany Inc. will never make!

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Historic wood restoration is important to us. Here’s how to do it right.

Not Appreciating the Wood’s Value

One of the biggest mistakes of historic wood restoration is neglecting to understand and appreciate its value. While monetary value is absolutely part of what we’re referring to, we also mean something that is not so easy to quantify: its historical value. Even if something does not command a high monetary price point, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable piece of history.

To carry out historic wood restoration well, we must begin with a thorough evaluation of its worth. Our passion for restoring and preserving its value makes the rest of the job easy.

Improper Cleaning

All of the best historic wood restoration needs to begin with thorough cleaning. Over the years, any piece of wood is bound to accumulate a significant amount of dust and grime. Failing to thoroughly clean the surface before going about our work will ruin the finish, and it will all have to be done over again.

Generally speaking, cleaning wood prior to restoration begins by wiping it down with a mild cleaner and a cloth. For more difficult spots to get to, a toothbrush can do the trick. From there, a lightly moistened cloth can generally pick up any dirt that’s still around. Now all that’s necessary is to let it dry completely. This brings us to our next point!

Not Letting Varnish and Paint Dry Completely

When carrying out historic wood restoration, we must be patient. While we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our work, we also recognize that rushing will impact the end product. When we’re done with our work, we want your wood to look beautiful for decades to come.

One of the most devastating mistakes that can result from impatience in historic wood restoration is failing to let layers of paint or varnish dry completely. If you’ve ever noticed lumps on a piece of painted or varnished wood, then that’s a red flag of failing to let the layers dry or sloppy application.

You can count on the experienced historic wood restoration experts at Mahogany Inc. to get the job done right. We understand and appreciate the value of the abundance of historic hardwood in the Baltimore area, and we’re excited to do our part to preserve its legacy.


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