Protecting Your Millwork from Sun Damage

Custom millwork is a fantastic investment for your home or business. But, like any other investment, you’re going to want to protect it. While hardwood is notoriously susceptible to damage from water or even humidity, keep in mind that it is generally a pretty tough material. Still, there’s something else that can damage your millwork over time: the sun. Today, we’ll go over how you can protect your millwork from sun damage.

Protecting Your Millwork from Sun Damage

Custom millwork is an investment. Here’s how you can protect it from sun damage.

All About Sun Damage

You might be surprised to learn that sunlight can damage millwork. But the truth is that, depending on how much direct sun it gets, ultraviolet rays will damage just about anything over time. UV rays don’t just damage your skin. As time goes on, they can cause your precious furniture, artwork, and hardwood to lose its color and luster.

The good news is that it would take many, many years of direct sunlight to have an impact on millwork protected by UV-resistant varnish. Still, there are a few steps you can take to give your investment some extra protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

Plan Its Location

In case you are just in the stage of planning where you’d like for the millwork to go, now’s the time to give some thought to where it will be best protected from sun damage. As the day goes on, observe how light falls into your home or business. As the day goes on, the sun should come through the windows at different angles, and direct sun will fall on different parts of the room.

It might be a smart idea to place your millwork in a location that doesn’t get too many hours of direct sun per day.

Curtains and Blinds

This is perhaps the most obvious way you can protect your millwork from sun damage, but it does deserve a mention. Consider using curtains or blinds to shield the wood from the sun’s harmful rays. You may be able to limit this to just an hour or two while the sunlight falls directly on the millwork.

Window Tinting

Curtains and blinds may do the trick, but you might find yourself wishing there was more natural light in your home or business. If this is you, window tinting might just be the solution. Just like hardwood as a building material, sunlight itself can have significant therapeutic value. UV-resistant window tinting can block most of the sun’s harmful effects.

Controlling the amount of UV rays that enter your home won’t just protect your millwork. It will ensure that your furniture, artwork, and skin remain in their peak condition for years to come.


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