Hospital Design Matters in Ways We Often Don’t Consider

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Hospital design attributes to a patient’s comfort, as well as that of hospital staff

Hospital design, often, is one of the last things that patients are thinking about as they seek treatment. However, it attributes to their peace and sense of comfort in many ways that they often overlook. There are reasons why patients prefer one hospital over the other, regardless if they verbalize it or not. Hospital construction speaks volumes, and as general contracting experts, we’re here to shed some light on it. Here are the ways that hospital design matters in ways we often don’t consider. 

Effective Hospital Design Boosts Confidence 

When patients and their loved ones step foot into a hospital, they want to know that quality care is at the core of the hospital’s culture. Bright lighting, well-used spaces, modern furniture, and updated hospital construction does two things. One, it makes patients feel that the medical facility is adequate. Two, patients are more likely to feel as if the staff is competent enough to take care of them. 

Noise level is also a factor that impacts patient confidence. If a hospital is too loud because of improper soundproofing and inefficient uses of space, this could cause a distraction. Patients may fail to hear their doctor discussing vital details about their health. 

Strategic Hospital Design Helps With Emergencies and Evacuations

The number two causes for a department or entire medical facility needing an evacuation are fires and gas leaks. During these dangerous times, hospital staff has to make the tough decision of figuring out which patients need to get out first. They also have to get them out safely. Anti-slip surfaces, wide hallways, well-lit hallways all play a factor in workers and patients clearing out in case of an emergency. Strategic hospital design may not eliminate the need for an evacuation,  but it makes the process much safer. 

Proper Hospital Design Boosts Employee Morale

When we think of hospitals, patients often come to mind before hospital staff. However, hospital staff also should feel confident and secure at their designated medical facility. Bright, well-utilized spaces with large windows have a positive impact on hospital staff as well. When was the last time you upgraded your cafeteria or other communal areas where your team socializes? Does your hospital look warm, welcoming, and up-to-date? If you want to transform your hospital, then give us a call. 


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