Why Hospitals Are Going Modular

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There are no buildings more essential than hospitals. Would you disagree?

There are no buildings more essential than hospitals. Would you disagree? We want to thank the millions of hospital workers across the country, putting their lives on the line. We have partnered in the past with Johns Hopkins, Levinsdale, Walter Reed, and Queen Anne’s Medical Center. Hospital construction matters for many reasons. Imagine a hospital lobby that could only seat ten people at a time. Picture hallways that weren’t wide enough for wheelchairs. Visualize a hospital that has old, outdated woodwork from the 1970s. Patients most likely would feel highly uncomfortable in these circumstances. Hospitals are going modular for a reason. This type of construction is efficient and doesn’t take as much time as conventional hospital construction. Read on to discover more benefits of a modular medical facility. 

Modular Construction Defined

Modular construction makes it possible for the assembly of building materials to take place off-site, typically in a warehouse environment. This kind of setting allows for more control over the construction process, and it saves time and money. Once done, the building is then shipped to the site and then set up there. A module is each “piece” of the future structure. Depending on the building’s design, there could be many modules. On-site, the modules are put together to create the finished project. 

How Hospitals Benefit From Modular Hospital Construction

  • Speed– It takes half the time to build a modular medical facility as it does with conventional hospital construction. If your hospital is running out of space for staff and patients, then this will indeed be beneficial for your medical facility.
  • High-Quality StandardsHospital construction will keep the same standards as traditional buildings. The same safety codes apply as well as the usage of the same high-quality materials. We’ll never skimp out on excellent quality management.
  • Efficiency– When a building can be put up twice as fast, it means that you can use it twice as quickly. When there is a lot of downtime in getting a new building put up, you can run the risk of your hospital not running efficiently as it should. 

What Medical Facilities Have Gone Modular? 

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Support Centers
  • Dentists Offices
  • And More!

Are you considering going modular? Then, give us a call! Click here to see the work that we’ve done on medical facilities. 


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