How Humidity Can Hurt Your Custom Millwork

If you have hardwood floors, you know that wood is ultimately a very durable material. It can last a lifetime if properly cared for. But there are a few things you should know that can do some serious damage to it. Among these, chief among them is probably water. It’s not just standing water that can damage hardwood, but moisture in the air as well. Today, we’ll explain how you can prevent indoor humidity from damaging your custom millwork.

How Humidity Can Hurt Your Custom Millwork

If you want to protect your custom millwork, you need to learn the basics of humidity control.

What’s the Right Humidity for Custom Millwork?

Many people assume that, the lower you can keep your indoor humidity, the better for your hardwood. This is a misconception. If indoor moisture is too high, hardwood will swell. On the flipside, if it’s too low, it will contract. Neither of these are good for the longevity of your millwork.

Instead, you want to keep your indoor moisture just right. Anywhere from 40-50% should be just fine. This is about the humidity that is best for people as well. If you want to get a good gauge on your indoor humidity level, dual humidity and temperature meters like this one can cheaply be purchased online.

Increasing Humidity Levels

Let’s say you’ve measured your indoor humidity and found that it is too high for your custom millwork. During the winter months, this is likely to be the case in our region. Thankfully, this is generally quite a simple problem to fix.

The easiest way to fix this is with a commercial humidifier. These come in a broad range of styles, and differ dramatically in terms of portability and price range. They’re an extremely popular way to introduce humidity into the air because they can give you great control over precise moisture levels.

There are other measures you can take, too, but none of them are quite so effective as humidifiers. Leaving clothes out to dry on a drying rack isn’t just more efficient than using the dryer; it can increase humidity levels as well. Some people will even allow water to boil for a while and evaporate into the air.

Decreasing Humidity Levels

The summers in our region can be exceptionally hot and humid. During these months, you might find that your indoor moisture level is too high, and you’ll have to reduce it to keep your millwork in its perfect condition. Like our previous examples, the most common way to do so is with a commercial dehumidifier.

Still, there are a few changes you can make to your daily lifestyle at home that can keep your moisture level in check. If you love long, hot showers, try leaving the window open or the exhaust fan on. When boiling water, be sure to leave lids over your pots.

Getting your indoor humidity level down to 40% isn’t just a good investment in your custom millwork. It can go a long way toward keeping your own health and home healthy.


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