Why Custom Millwork Is Perfect for Your Home

Far too often, people tend to think of custom millwork as something best suited to commercial spaces. This is understandable. A little bit of custom millwork can go a long way toward improving a hospital or restaurant. But the truth is that it is just as suited to domestic spaces. Here are some reasons why custom millwork might be perfect for your home.

Why Custom Millwork Is Perfect for Your Home

Custom millwork isn’t just for commercial spaces. It’s perfect for the home, too.

Unique Charm

Almost every homeowner or renter prizes a touch of uniqueness in their living space. Few people like for their home to be just like the one next door. When it comes to custom millwork, the keyword is in the name: ‘custom.’ There is room to pick from a wide variety of hardwoods and practically endless design choices.

If you hire Mahogany Inc. to work on custom millwork for your home, you can rest assured that what you receive is completely one-of-a-kind. It will lend a unique charm to your living space for years to come.

Add Some Art

When your average person hears the word ‘art,’ millwork isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But maybe this should change. One need only stroll through some grand downtown townhomes to understand why custom millwork should qualify as art.

If you’re designing your home, don’t limit yourself by thinking only of paintings and sculptures as art. Millwork, when done artfully, perfectly combines form and function. At its best, it can be a lot more precious than a painting you bought at an auction.

Go Green

These days, people seem to be more concerned than ever before with sustainability. If this is you, you’ll be delighted to learn that wood is a remarkably sustainable building material. Make no mistake—ethical harvesting of wood is of the utmost importance. But, when harvested sustainably, hardwood is the very definition of a renewable resource.

Make it Historic

Our area is fortunate to have an abundance of historic homes with their original millwork intact. Throughout the years, many property owners have done a great job of preserving these touches of history. Others, not so much.

Your home might have some historic millwork remaining, but it has seen better days. If restoration isn’t feasible, then reconstruction might be a better option. We can create some original millwork modeled after how the original might have looked in its glory days.


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