Tips for Choosing a Front Door

Front Door

The right front door can make a huge difference in the first impressions your guests have of your business.

A front door is more than just a way you gain entry; it is the element on the front of your business that really makes the difference in the overall look. You can use your front door to make a statement and make people feel welcome. You also want your door to be durable, strong, and provide security for your guests. Use these tips as your front door guide for buying a door that fulfills all these purposes.


Fiberglass composite is a material that closely resembles the look of real wood. There are also many versions that include wood components near the edges and around the lockset for reinforcement. It’s a great alternative to real wood because of the way wood responds to environmental changes, like moisture and sun exposure. You’ll notice older wood doors starting to crack and warp, which can compromise its strength and integrity. Metal is another option that is gaining in popularity for its modern look and enhanced security. Metal and fiberglass can both take on the look of wood if desired but feature lower maintenance costs. If you do choose wood, go with ones that have a wood-veneer skin and engineered wood core to minimize expansion and contraction. Other available materials include steel and aluminum.

Checking for Damage

Sometimes installing a new front door just means exchanging the existing one for a new one. However, in some cases, you’ll also need to replace the entire old door framing. Framing that has rotted over the years or wall studs that have begun to bow and settle out of square can make your door harder to close. Before you new door gets there, check the framing for any damage that could affect your new door. Furthermore, pre-hung doors that hang on hinges are great for old frames or frames that are being removed.

More Shopping Tips

If you’re purchasing a complete entry system that comes with the door and frame, make sure that all components come from the same manufacturer. Check the weather-stripping seals and look for steel and fiberglass doors that come with a thermal break, which separates the outside from the inside door skins.


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