Advantages of Custom Laboratory Casework from Mahogany, Inc.


Let’s explore the advantages of custom laboratory casework from Mahogany, Inc.

Modern laboratories in inspection stations, work areas, and research laboratories provide researchers and technicians with an operable, safe working area. However, there should be more than that. Mahogany, Inc. understands that work surfaces are vital, as also other elements. Let’s explore the advantages of custom laboratory casework from Mahogany, Inc.

Every Lab Layout is Different

Custom laboratory casework from Mahogany, Inc. provides the casework option that best suits your laboratory. In addition, every lab has a different design – some laboratories are spacious, while others have limited floor space. Moreover, custom lab casework also allows you to choose the height of your counters, the number of cabinet drawers, etc. This is advantageous for laboratories that want to renovate because you can install custom laboratory casework from Mahogany, Inc.

Save Space with Custom Casework

Custom lab casework is beneficial to labs that lack space. Standard casework dimensions might be bulky and oversized, which doesn’t work perfectly for small, tight labs. Thus, smaller laboratories can choose functional design options because Mahogany, Inc. can create casework with unique dimensions. Additionally, custom laboratory casework from Mahogany, Inc. can maximize your lab space and storage capacity for a small lab design.

Increase Lab Flexibility

Furthermore, laboratories must manage several responsibilities daily. They require excellent flexibility to handle new jobs and accommodate new staff as the lab procedures grow. Custom casework is made with potential expansion plans in mind to provide labs with great flexibility.

Appearance Consistency

Custom casework cabinetry can fit your exact specifications. We can create casework that is not in most standard designs. Also, we can make great design choices for laboratories looking to make minor renovations. Our custom designer can complement new casework to the shape, color, and material of your existing casework. This ensures that you keep your design continuity.

Life-long Durability

Ultimately, we produce the casework using high-quality, durable materials for our clients. This is because the Mahogany, Inc. team is proud of what they achieve! Custom lab casework is made with every client’s specific needs in mind. This means the necessary materials and coating in the cabinetry prevent it from wearing out fast.

Fortunately, custom lab casework from Mahogany, Inc. provides you with a lab that is made distinctly to meet your work and available space. You will also receive a product that should last for many years. Please contact us at (410) 727-0334 if you have any questions about our custom lab casework!

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