Waiting Room Design Tips

Learn how to design the perfect waiting room.

From the door to the exam room, every part of your medical facility is part of the patient experience. Aside from the exam room, the other space that your patients will spend most of their time is in the waiting room. You want your waiting room design to be welcoming, comfortable and accommodating. You can achieve all of those desires with your design choices, from the furniture to the architectural millwork. Here are some tips for ensuring that your waiting room is designed to its fullest potential.

Furniture and Layout

The average wait time that patients or clients spend in waiting rooms is 21 minutes. This is plenty of time for someone to develop a negative or positive opinion about your practice. Therefore, you can use that time as an opportunity to create a positive reflection of your practice. The classic waiting room design is reminiscent of a classroom with rows of chairs facing each other. This layout can be quite uncomfortable and dull. Instead, many waiting room layouts are leaning more toward a design that looks like a living room with coffee tables and more ergonomic seating options. If your space permits, consider also including a corner for children or even a quiet section for professionals to take a call. When it comes to furniture, include modern seating with neutral colors and natural materials to help invoke a sense of comfort and calm.

Appoint a Liaison

Have an employee act as a waiting room liaison. This will ensure that your patients and clients are getting the care and attention they need while they wait. The liaison can answer any questions people may have and make sure that everyone has been properly checked in. They can also help you provide small amenities like a coffee bar or mini fridge stocked with small bottles of water.   

Active Waiting

People have gotten used to having access to the internet at all times. With that said, providing a Wi-Fi connection is a service that all your patients and clients will appreciate. You could even go a step further by providing patients with iPads that are tethered to the furniture in the waiting room. These could be preloaded with games, digital magazines, and social media apps.   


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