Current Trends in Classroom Design

Discover the currents trends occurring in classroom design!

Discover the currents trends occurring in classroom design!

Over the years, classroom design has evolved to adapt to the growing and changing requirements of students. Those changes include technology and flexibility in ways that will keep students engaged and interested in their lesson plans. Architectural work plays an important role in ensuring that those two elements work well together to achieve the goal of providing a quality education for children. Here are some current trends in classroom design.


Pupils are consistently surrounded by technology at home, at school, and everywhere in between. With that said, the use of various types of mobile devices has become an integral part of the everyday lives of both children and adults. Therefore, it makes sense that classrooms now and, in the future, would include more mobile devices as a way to keep students engaged. In many learning environments, schools are implementing policies that include “bring your own device” that students use to access learning-based applications and websites. In the physical space of the classroom itself, the challenge becomes finding ways to keep these devices charged and accessible without becoming a distraction during other lesson plans. Classroom designs are now including power-enabled furniture for charging and furniture that allows for the secure storage of these devices throughout the day. Think of the charging stations that you see in airport terminals or coffee shops. Some of the solutions to this new dynamic include moveable stations that are on wheels or wall-mounted stations depending upon the flow and overall use of the classroom.


In a traditional classroom, most people would picture rows and columns of desks that are all facing a large chalkboard and teacher. Currently, the trends are leaning more toward allowing teachers and students to use all areas of the classroom in a more functional and flexible way. Students are working in groups more, which means that classrooms will need space that allows for more collaboration. Interactive displays, areas for hands-on learning, and even physical activity are all important in modern classrooms. Today, the classroom itself acts as a teaching aid by encouraging students to interact according to the lessons planned by the teacher.     


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