Ways to Keep Your Baseboards Looking Clean

mahogany, inc. keep your baseboards looking clean

Here are the ways to keep your baseboards looking clean.

Although no one enters the office after the weekend bragging about cleaning their baseboards, it’s a necessary task that makes your home look great. Our lives are so busy that cleaning projects often get put on the back of the list. However, everyone must find time to clean to show off the millwork in their home. Here are the ways to keep your baseboards looking clean.

Quick and Simple Baseboard Cleaning

It might seem wasteful, but the quickest way to polish millwork is to obtain a box of cleaning wipes and start cleaning. If you have more time or a huge home, there might be better or more effective methods for cleaning your baseboards. But you can keep your baseboards looking clean if you have a small house or need more time.

Dusting Your Baseboards

If your baseboards are clean enough, you may only need to complete a light dusting. For this baseboard cleaning method, ensure you have the right tools. Also, you may use a mini handheld broom or a clean paintbrush. Once you dust your baseboards, you can utilize a vacuum to collect any dust or hair that was swept off from the baseboards.

Innovative Baseboard Cleaning

Another way to keep your baseboards looking clean is by taking an old sock and putting a disposable toilet wand into it. After the sock covers the wand, spray it with a cleaning solution. Even though it might look weird while you’re doing it, you’ll be shocked at its effectiveness in cleaning your baseboards.

Deep Cleaning Your Baseboards

If you have the time, being highly thorough will always be the best way to keep your baseboards looking clean. In addition, you want to ensure you’ve brushed off all the dust, clean the millwork with a warm washcloth and soap. Remember also to use cotton swabs in hard-to-reach corners.

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