The Golden Rules for Upgrading Your School

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Today we’ll offer some golden rules on how to upgrade your school! We specialize in school construction, and we’ve been in the general contracting business for quite some time (since 1991, in fact!). We’ve worked with Morgan State University, Johns Hopkins’ School of Medicine, and Baltimore City College, to name a few. Education is a stepping stone that can change anyone’s life. If you’re curious about how to take your school to the next level, then this is a must-read.

Ask Your Students What They Need

Students should be the number one consultant when you’re making changes to the classroom. Ask them about what works in the class, followed by asking them what hinders their learning process. 

Take Things Out That Are Unnecessary 

When a student, or anyone, steps into a room, what they visualize matters. If a classroom has clutter, by the time you ask students to engage, you may find that they’re mentally exhausted. Taking things out that are unnecessary doesn’t merely mean that you, as a teacher, should throw away some files from ten years ago. It means that you may find yourself wanting to knock out a wall or rearrange desks in a way where your students can breathe, stretch out, and think critically. 

Create Spaces for Collaboration, Creativity, and Displays

School is never short of mundane. Sometimes group projects occur or assignments that call on students to channel their creative spirit. School construction should always account for the different tasks that go on in the educational setting. Also, one way to praise your students is by having a wall dedicated to some of their fantastic projects. Students, or anyone in general, appreciate when their efforts don’t go without notice. Upgrading a school goes much further than rearranging desks. It’s beneficial to think about the perimeter of the room to figure out if it’s conducive to the learning process. 

Find a Color Palette That Pops, But not Too Much

Some classrooms can be quite visually distracting and reminiscent of a rainbow. Having a simple color palette helps students to focus. Think about one neutral and two accent colors. We also suggest that you use wood in the design process. Wood is an incredible yet understated way to add warmth to any commercial space. Also, utilizing windows and letting a lot of sunshine in is one way to keep students in a cheery mood. 

Did you like these golden rules, and are you interested in upgrading your school? Then, call us so that we can tell you more about our school construction expertise and skills. 


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