3 Solid Tips for Maintaining Your Office Hardwood Floors

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Keeping your hardwood floors looking stunning is a responsibility you shouldn’t neglect.

Every season brings new issues for your hardwood floors. Winter arrives with snow, ice, and salt, sprint brings rain, summer adds saltwater, and fall brings leaves. Regardless, keeping your hardwood floors looking stunning is a responsibility you shouldn’t neglect. Not only does a hardwood floor attract the eye, but it demonstrates the elegance of your office. Look into our best tips to maintain your office’s hardwood floors. 

The Initial Maintenance

Before you prepare to clean your hardwood floors, carefully read the label of any cleaning product to make sure it complements well with wooden floors. Damage can occur if you use the wrong kind of cleaner. Various types of finishes (oil, wax, or polyurethane) will require multiple solvents to be polished properly. Also, add furniture protectors to the furniture’s legs to avoid creating another damage to your floors – scratching. Alternatively, consider buying a rug that will fully cover a large portion of the floor to protect your floor from excessive foot traffic.

Regular Maintenance

Additionally, weekly or monthly maintenance tasks are to perform to maintain your hardwood floors in great shape. Remember to dry first, then wet second when cleaning your floors. Failure to dry clean the floor and then wet mopping the floor is equivalent to dragging pieces of sandpaper across a hardwood floor. Furthermore, a monthly inspection should be completed. The examination consists of looking under furniture and rugs. If you see any discoloration or sunspots, you should consider getting a fresh top coat on the floor.  

Applying a fresh, topcoat on the worn parts of your hardwood floor will increase the longevity of the floors and save you money in the long term. Moreover, the environment organically affects wood floors, so if you see small gaps developing during the dry seasons, do not panic. However, if the wooden boards do not return during the humid season, you should contact a professional hardwood flooring contractor to analyze the situation. Try using a humidifier during the dry seasons to maintain your hardwood floors in good condition.

Long Term Maintenance

Lastly, routine maintenance is primary in preserving your hardwood floors. There might be several other tasks to complete to maintain hardwood floors in the long run. Here are three things to remember:

  • Add fresh coats every five years
  • Restrict sliding furniture
  • Sand & refinish the hardwood floors every ten years

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