How Millwork Improves Productivity

It’s not hard to see what makes millwork so appealing for educational construction. Hardwood elements can lend a timeless, scholastic feeling to a school. But what if millwork’s role in educational construction went further than just aesthetics? The truth is that it does. And we aren’t just referring to its incredible longevity, either. Today, we’ll explain how millwork can improve productivity.

How Millwork Improves Productivity

Studies have shown that millwork can improve productivity. That’s what makes it such a great inclusion in educational construction!

About Biophilic Design

Before we dive in, let’s take some time to define a useful term for this topic: biophilic design. This is a concept in construction and interior design that we can connect people with nature through our construction or design choices. Biophilic design could include anything from live plants, to fountains, or even small aquariums. But you don’t have to go so far; just a little hardwood will go a long way to make educational construction more biophilic.

Now, let’s move onto how millwork can improve productivity in schools and elsewhere.

Higher Attendance

Let’s face it: people don’t want to be cooped up in a cold, unattractive building all day. And when students or workers aren’t happy with their surroundings in their school or workplace, they aren’t going to want to show up.

Studies have shown that schools incorporating biophilic design have experienced marked improvements in attendance. If you incorporate millwork into educational construction, you just might see the same result.

Reduce Stress Levels

For industrious students, their schooling years could be some of the most stressful of their lives. Sitting in classrooms, giving presentations, writing papers, and pulling all-nighters can take a serious toll on your psychology.

In moments of high stress in your own life, you may have found that spending some time in the outdoors can rejuvenate you. Your stress might seem to melt away. In the busy lives of students, they may not be able to find the time to spend some time in nature. But you can bring the outdoors indoors by incorporating millwork and other forms of biophilic design into your school.

Boost Focus

The ultimate result of these elements is that custom millwork can boost focus among students and workers alike. A quick search on the web for ‘biophilic design’ and ‘concentration’ will yield countless studies proving a positive correlation between the two.

If you want to increase productivity in your school or workplace, you could pick the easy way or you could pick the hard way. An aquarium or even simple water features would require regular maintenance from an expert. The same goes for getting live plants to thrive in an indoor space. But incorporating millwork into a space requires minimal care, and can be just as beneficial.


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