How to Care for Wooden Floors


Learn how to care for wooden floors.

Wooden floors are a classic, beautiful part of any interior design, but they do require maintenance. Needing to care for and maintain your wood accents isn’t a good reason not to have them, but it should definitely be part of the consideration. You can make your wood care easier with some of the suggestions discussed here.

Be Shoe Free (Sort of) 

Lots of cultures have a tradition of taking off outdoor shoes before walking through the home, but that is not super common in America. It is, however, a good thing to consider to increase the longevity of your wood floors. While most sneakers won’t harm your floors, high heels definitely can dent and scratch them. This also applies to specialty shoes like cleats or tap shoes. Additionally, things that you drag in from the outside in your shoe tread, like gravel or salt, could damage your floors as well. Furniture can do the same, which is why people often put felt pads under chair and table legs. It isn’t feasible to put felt pads on your shoes, so consider a policy of leaving the shoes by the front door.

Floor Have an Ideal Temp

60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30% to 50% humidity is the ideal range for most wood floors. If you keep your home in these ranges throughout the year, you are protecting your floors from warping and buckling and creating gaps. Slight variations in temperature should not harm you floors, but major swings that stay at prolonged extremes for a while can cause big damage.

Control the Dirt and Dust 

Dirt and debris that does make it in onto your floors can have a negative effect on the finish over time. Ideally, you’d vacuum everyday to totally keep the dirt in check, but that isn’t very realistic for most people. Try to vacuum at least twice a week, and once a week mop with a microfibre mop and a pH-neutral cleaner. You can make a cleaner of 1 TBSP white vinegar in 1 gallon water, or you can buy a cleaner. When you’re looking for a cleaner, ditch anything that claims to add shine or rejuvenate the wood – these usually have wax and other additives that build up on your floors over time.

Get Help When Needed 

There are many homes that are over 100 years old with their original wood floors intact, so with proper care your floors can definitely last.  When the floors lose their luster, get a professional to refinish them, and consider having them sanded every decade or so as needed to deal with worn areas and gouges.


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