Practical Reasons for Historic Building Preservation

historic building preservation

Preserving historical buildings offers numerous advantages beyond actually preserving the history.

What is historic and worth saving can vary, however, the definition is simple. Historic buildings are old and worth the trouble of restoration and care, because they played a significant role in a community’s past. Historic preservation keeps the past alive and tangible and can offer opportunities for the future of that community. Historic building preservation is not only beneficial for the local culture, but can bolster the economy of the community which properly cherishes it.

Old Buildings Are Often Built Better Than Newer Buildings

Older buildings, particularly those built before World War II, tend to be built with higher quality and expensive materials such as rare hardwoods and wood for old forests that no longer exist. Buildings built before World War II were also built to higher and more exacting standards. A hundred year old building may be a better bet and stand the test of time better than a newly built one. This makes historic building preservation both sensible and necessary.

Old Buildings Inspire New Business

Urban activist Jane Jacobs discusses the advantages certain types of businesses have when located in older buildings in her 1961 book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. While new buildings compliment chain stores, other kinds of businesses such as book stores, ethnic restaurants, pubs and bars, antique stores, and small start ups do much better in older buildings. Her book changed the way people viewed old buildings.  

Old Buildings Resonate With People

People are attracted to older buildings. They have history and soul conveyed in awkward corners, a mixture of building styles, and a tangible past. People are drawn to them, both entrepreneurs and customers. America’s downtown revivals suggest that this is not a passing fad, but a genuine fascination and preference. This makes historic preservation and restoration incredibly important.

Old Buildings Are A Tangible Reminder Of A City’s Culture

Culture cannot be replaced and history cannot be manufactured. Historic building preservation is a large part of preserving local history and identity. This can also inspire tourism and greatly bolster the local economy. People travel from far and wide to experience the tangible soul of history, as it only exists in genuinely well cared for and well loved old buildings.  

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