The Many Benefits of Wood in Interior Design

wood in interior design

Here’s a gorgeous performance hall that uses at least three of these benefits of wood in interior design.

With a name like Mahogany, clearly we’re partial to wood. From custom architectural millwork to more elaborate wood features of interior fit-outs, we love everything about it. We want you, our devoted readers and customers, to love it as much as we do, so here’s a brief list of some of the things we love about wood in interior design.

Environmentally Friendly

We know, it seems counter-intuitive that cutting down trees is actually benefitting the environment, but it’s true! Processing wood releases significantly less harmful carbon emissions than does the manufacturing process for any other construction material. Additionally, wood is a fantastic insulator, so larger pieces may be able to assist in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling your building.

It’s Good for You

Recent research by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada has shown that wood in interior design can actually have positive health benefits. It turns out that there are observable physiologically positive responses to wood, nature, and natural effects. Adding wood as a feature piece in your interior design project can be particularly helpful in hospitals, where it could reduce stress of patients and their loved ones.

Visual Versatility

Wood is super easy to work with, and can be used in so many different interior design applications. It can also be painted or stained in any variety, and is easy to revitalize as such. Like we mentioned at the top, whether it’s just a simple baseboard, an ornate feature wall, or anything in between, wood can fit the bill. No, literally, it can fit the bill — it’s also incredibly cost-effective short and long term!

Worry No More

Aside from all these benefits, wood also eliminates many other concerns that may arise from other materials. Wood is remarkably strong. It emits absolutely zero electrostatic charge. It won’t rust. It works fantastically as an acoustic insulator making it great for concert halls and theaters. It can regulate humidity in a room with its ability to absorb moisture — just make sure it isn’t too humid. There are just oh-so-many reasons to love wood in interior design.


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