The Value of a Gorgeous Wood Door from Mahogany, Inc.

wood door

A wood door offers an unparalleled sense of style and class for your home.

There are so many different doors out there to choose from, but no door offers the same amount of style and class as a beautiful wood door. Architects all over the world love using wood for its design versatility and the classic aesthetic appeal it adds to the home. It is worth noting that a wood door can be a significant investment. Before choosing your wood door, you should be mindful of the advantages and challenges of owning this classic piece.


Advantages of Wood Doors

  • Wood is a natural insulator, so it won’t be damaged by heat.
  • It’s natural insulating properties make wood energy efficient.
  • Wooden door frames won’t rust.
  • Relatively low maintenance
  • Wood can be painted or stained any color to match your home’s style, or your personal preference.
  • Wood can be shaped any way you need.
  • It’s easy to attach hardware to wooden doors.
  • When made with good quality wood, wood doors can last quite a long time.
  • Besides providing insulation from heat and cold, wood also provides sound insulation.
  • Your wood door will not chip, crack, or dent easily.
  • Doors made of solid wood are highly durable and sturdy.


Challenges of Wood Doors

  • Wood easily absorbs moisture, which can cause it to rot.
  • While wood does not rust, it can be infested with termites and other pests.
  • Not all wood makes good quality doors.  A door made with low-quality materials will deteriorate quickly and won’t provide nearly as many advantages.
  • Good quality wood and timber can be very expensive.
  • It is super easy to apply varnish and paint to wood, but excessive moisture can cause bubbles, which leads to chipping. Be mindful of the climate where you live when choosing your door.


Solid Wood Interior Doors

Wood is also an excellent choice for interior doors as well. For one, wood doors are usually in stock at a lot of hardware stores.  If you have an urgent need, you can probably just go pick one up.  Also, wood ages quite gracefully. If you purchase a good quality wood door and take proper care of it, it will last a good long time.



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