What to Know About Designing a Waiting Room in Your Medical Facility

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Read below to ensure that your waiting room gives its fullest potential.

Every aspect of your medical facility contributes to the patient experience, from the door to the exam room. Besides the exam room, the waiting room is the other area where your patients will spend most of their time. So, you’ll want your waiting room design to be inviting, comfortable, and accommodating. Also, you can accomplish all of those desires with your design choices- from the furniture to the architectural millwork. Read below to ensure that your waiting room is designed to its fullest potential.

Furniture & Layout

The average wait time that clients or patients spend in waiting rooms is 20 minutes. As a result, this is plenty of time for a person to form a negative or positive opinion about your practice. Hence, you may use that time as an opportunity to develop a positive reflection of your facility. For instance, the classic waiting room design mimics a classroom with rows of chairs facing each other. However, this design can be uncomfortable and boring.

Instead, opt for a waiting room with coffee tables and ergonomic seating options. If your area permits, consider including a corner for children or a quiet section for professionals to make a call. Regarding furniture, include modern seating with neutral colors and natural materials to trigger a sense of comfort and calm.

Assign a Liaison

Moreover, consider assigning an employee to be the waiting room liaison. This will ensure that your clients and patients receive the attention and care they need while waiting. In addition, the liaison can answer any questions people might have and ensure that everyone has been properly checked in. They may also help you provide minor amenities such as a mini fridge or a coffee bar with small water bottles.

Active Waiting

With the advancement of technology, people have gotten used to having access to the Internet all the time. With that said, consider providing a Wi-Fi connection service to all your patients and clients. Plus, you could give the patients iPads that are connected to the furniture in the waiting room. These iPads could be preloaded with digital magazines, games, and social media applications.

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